Blake Humphrey

Blake Humphrey is a 19 year old sandstone pebble pulverizer from Birmingham, Al. He has only been climbing for 3 years but with constant psyche and dedication has ticked some impressive climbs and is just getting started. Blake considers himself an outdoor climber, but also competes on the collegiate circuit and other major comps. "Climbing is a lifestyle to me if I could dirt bag and just travel everyday I would, but I'm going to school to be a Mercedes Benz automotive technician right now." His favorite places to climb are Palm Spring Tramway, Stonefort and Horsepens 40. He plans on traveling this coming year to many new destinations to seek out the sickest lines around the country. "Climbing the hardest grade isn't everything to me it's more the process of working a climb until you finally send it."

Favorite climbs:

  • Slider v9 (hp40)

  • Pookie v8 (hp40)

  • Alabama tiller v8 (hp40)

  • Blue Flame V7 (Tram)

  • Swing Dance V7 (Tram)



Nick Edwards

Nick Edwards is a lifelong resident of Oregon and recently moved to the Portland area. "Climbing isn’t my hobby; it's part of who I am. When I started climbing in 2003, it took over my life like an addiction." Since that time he has competed in many competitions and traveled to many wonderful outdoor climbing destinations. He became the first official president of the Oregon State Indoor Climbing Club in 2015. As president he worked with the club to make our climbing community more welcoming. Nick is always training and looking forward to the next season of competitions and outdoor trips. 

Favorite sends: 
• Evilution to the lip, V10 (Buttermilk Boulders) 
• Beefcake, V10 (Sad Boulders) 
• Lowrider, V10 (Happy Boulders) 
• Worm World Cave, V9 (Squamish) 
• Big K, V8 (Kraft boulders)

Alee Russel

Alee got introduced to climbing at Carder Rock Maryland through Sport Rock Climbing camps and although it took a few years of on again off again climbing, she got addicted to the sharp end while working at a guiding company on Cat Ba Island in Vietnam.  After guiding Deep Water Soloing trips in South East Asia, she's been working boulders in the Georgia South, climbing multi-pitch trad routes in the Red Rock desert, pulling on jugs in the Red River Gorge and scrambling up Puerto Rico limestone.  She's got her work cut out for her in her home crag of Rifle, where strong climbers go to cry, but she's determined to look good, feel good and send safely. In her spare time she trains at the outdoor gym of Thompson Creek Colorado.  She currently works as the Assistant Art Director for Rock & Ice magazine.

Dream Destinations:

  • Mallorca, Spain

  • Thakek, Laos

  • Chamonix, France

  • Cat Ba, Vietnam

  • Innsbruck, Austria

Find her on instagram @aleejelly


Tucker Shultz

Tucker Schultz hails from New Castle, Colorado and has been climbing for about four years with no intentions of stopping any time soon. "The grades were never about the numbers, but rather pushing myself both mentally and physically." That passion, combined with a love to travel and explore has lead him to open up a lot of new bouldering areas and sport crags. The stoke has never run dry for Tucker and he is currently projecting 5.13 and double digit boulders outside as well as getting to as many Competitions as possible.  In the future Tucker plans on staying focused on the climbing community, projects, and traveling anywhere between Boulder and Joe's.



Jefferson Beavers

Jeff Beavers has been climbing in the Virginia/Maryland/West Virginia area for over a decade. "Bouldering is by far my favorite climbing discipline. I love the pure adventure and exploration of finding a new rock in the woods, and the creativity involved in figuring out how to get on top of it (typically by the hardest route possible)." A couple years ago Jeff gave up my gym membership to turned his focus entirely towards developing new areas. "I’ve learned a lot through that endeavor, and the experience has helped me grow both as a person and as a climber."

Jeff's Climbing Philosophy:

  • There’s no such thing as too low of a start.

  • It’s the process that matters, not the grade.

  • An hour of brushing can easily be worth 15 seconds of climbing.

Instagram: HappyCatClimbing

Favorite climbs, in order:

  • La Grande Évasion, 6c (Fontainebleau)

  • Alf in a Blender, V6 (Hueco Tanks, TX)

  • The Body Electric, V5 (North Woodstock, NH) "Pictured on Left

  • Caveman, V6 (Joshua Tree, CA)

  • Underground Railroad, V7 (Harpers Ferry, WV)

Seth MacDonald

Seth is a 20 year old rock climber from England, currently studying at Keele University near the Peak District. He has been climbing for about 5 or 6 years, but has really hit his stride the past 2 years. Seth considers himself mainly an outdoor climber with a good indoor competition occasionally thrown in the mix. His local crag is Churnet Valley which has hosts some incredible boulders. Seth lived in America for a Semester abroad in San Diego he did a lot of outdoor climbing (mainly Red Rocks and Black Mountain in California). "I am lucky to have climbed in such amazing places. My favourite place has to be Hueco Tanks which I visited for a week in January 2017 to end my semester abroad, here I did the classics such as Ghetto Simulator as well as my first 8A/V11 by doing the Rhino on my last day!" 

Favourite climbs:

  • Natasha's Highball V2 - Red Rocks

  • Ghetto Simulator V1/2/3?? - Hueco Tanks

  • The Rhino V11 - Hueco Tanks

  • J - Lo V9 - Northcott mouth, UK

  • Boomerang V7 - Clodgy Point, UK.

  • Eye of Providence V6- San Diego, 3rd ascent

Ben May

Ben is a 35 year old self professed "Granite Geek" originally from a small town in Wyoming. He grew up mountain biking and trail running like a fiend but started climbing regularly since 2009 and hasn't really looked back since. "I've been to Thailand, Italy, Spain and numerous places across the US but the most rewarding experiences I've had were right in my own back yard, here in San Diego." Over the last 6 years or so, he has been dedicated to finding and developing new areas or adding to existing areas across the county. From enormous boulder fields to a 300+ foot cliff 15 minutes away from his house. "There's more rock out here than I could explore in a lifetime." Ben's list of first ascents range from v-easy to v-8 boulder problems and 5.10 - 5.12 routes. "My hunger for new and exciting climbing is insatiable and I'm just fine with that. My wife, on the other hand, isn't. For the love of adventure, climb on!" If you are ever in the San Diego area & want a tour make sure to look Ben up!

Emily Harris

Emily started climbing a few years ago, fell in love with the Red, and decided that living in Indiana (a state with no rock climbing) was unacceptable. She packed her bags, her dog, and her boyfriend and moved to the holy land of climbing: Utah. Emily can’t pick a favorite discipline: sport climbing in Wyoming, trad climbing in Idaho and Utah, bouldering in Bishop and Joe’s Valley….they are all essential. When she isn’t being a weekend warrior, she is working at the University of Utah, and training for her next project at the Front Training Room in Salt Lake City. Check her out on Instagram (@embuttharris) if you like climbing, western landscapes, and cute dogs.

Danielle Bonomo

Danielle Bonomo is a 32 years old climber and aspiring obstacle course athlete (See Ninja).  She grew up trying the more commonly known sports such as soccer, field hockey and softball. As a young adult she started training in the gym and attempted the many different types of fitness training programs from power lifting to cross fit and outdoor functional training.  "I have always admired the athleticism rock climbers and obstacle course athletes exhibit and wanted to posses such strength, agility and endurance." She has been indoor bouldering and obstacle course training since November 2016.  Within that short six month time span she has become addicted to both rock climbing and obstacle course training. "I am dedicated to my training and work at it six days a week. As a beginner the biggest challenge I have had to overcome is the mental mindset both sports require. I am a cautious person in life so taking the risks involved in rock climbing and obstacle course training has been very challenging." Danielle has embraced this challenge and continues to do so each and every time she trains. "What has helped me the most through each training session is the comradery both sports exhibit and the supportive community I have been welcomed into. I look forward to what the future holds and will continue to strive for the highest level of athleticism I can achieve."

Fun facts:

Weighing 110 lbs I can squat 275lbs

My favorite ninja warrior obstacle is the cliffhanger.

Alex McMullan

Alex McMullan is born and bred in the United kingdom with 5 years of climbing under his belt and no intentions of stopping.  A few years ago Alex shattered a finger climbing and his motivation to climb harder, higher and stronger has just kept growing since then. "At 23 I'm ever the Grit-Monkey, with my favourite climbing searching out the gnarliest boulder problems I can find! I definitely fill the criteria of climbing to live with most of my time not climbing spent looking at guide books planning the next trip."  So far he has managed to "drag" himself up to 8a in Spain with a lot of shouting, much to the amusement of his mates.  When he is not climbing you can usually find a camera in his hands, a chocolate bar, or both. 

Top three climbing essentials

  • Bobble hat

  • Brush

  • Bucket full of psych!!

Favorite Climbs:

  • Strawberries 6b

  • Bad Lip 7a

  • Gorilla Warfare 7a

  • Akram the Terrible 7a (OS]


ludo bio.JPG

Ludovico Scarpulla

Ludovico Scarpulla is a boulderer currently living, working, and training in New Orleans, Louisiana. He climbs at one of the best gyms in the South: New Orleans Boulder Lounge, where he works as staff, and occasionally gets to help set or strip a wall during the weekly reset. Aside from working at the gym and climbing for pleasure, Ludo is part of NOBL's youth boulder team and climbs with the group two days a week. He is also a member of his high school's climbing club. He recently climbed in one of the USA Climbing Yotuh Competition where he placed third in his age group. All in all Ludo climbs about five days out of the week. With his insane explosive power and one arm pull up ability you would guess this kids been at it for awhile, but in reality has only been climbing for a year. It's a scary thought to see where he will be in 4 or 5 years! "I believe climbing is the most impractical, fun, and exciting way to get to the top of a wall or a pile of rocks, and I find it hard to think of things I would rather be doing! That being said I try to understand the importance of rest and recovery, so I stay off the wall for maybe two days a week, and do yoga to improve my flexibility and strength."

Favorite Climbs:
Mullentino V5
Gettin’ Jiggy With It V6

Favorite Projects:
Lip Service V7
Supernova V8
Pookie V8
God Module V11 (Not actually close at all I just find it very enjoyable)

vera bio.JPG

Verona Scarpulla

Verona Scarpulla is a 13 year old crusher living in New Orleans, LA. Up until New Orleans Boulder Lounge opened its doors New Orleans was probably one of the least hospitable cities for a rock climber with the closest outdoor areas being upwards of 5 or 6 hour away. "I climb with little to no rest days, something my brother and I need to work on!" Verona is part of the "Turtles", which is NOBL's youth climbing team. I never really thought about climbing until my friend introduced it to me and my brother, then it was basically an addiction that has no rehabilitation center. Verona is honing her skills every day at NOBL & looks to take what she has learned in the gym outside in the near future. 

Climbing Trip Bucket list:

  • Virgin Gorda

  • All over South America

  • Hueco Tanks

  • Joshua Tree

  • Yosemite

  • Bishop

Russ Bonham

Russ Bonham is a 34 year old Gymnastics coach and climber from Savannah, Georgia where they climb ancient Live Oak trees & River Street cobblestones for training (usually after a couple shots of Fireball.) Russ started his climbing career indoors at the Savannah Climbing Co-Op . "I've been climbing for seven years, primarily in the Southeast. The sport of climbing came to me through the outdoor love of hiking, rock scrambling, etc." Russ also gives a whole new meaning to the term "Dad Bod." Fatherhood has been a whole new adventure for Russ with his soon to be mutant toddler daughter, Harlee. Russ hangs his hat with his wife and daughter in Chattanooga, TN, a southern sandstone mecca.  You can usually find Russ by following the loud banshee likes screams at his go to spots like Rocktown or Stone Fort. Russ is always on the hunt for new boulders in secret satellite spots around the Tennessee Valley. "I try to climbing like Bob Cormany; it's not the grade or name that matters...just continue the journey by climbing new things and leaving them looking untouched for the next person."


Noah Carro

Even though Noah comes from the flatest state known to man, Florida, climbing has been his passion since the age of 6. He has been climbing for 8 years and has been nationally ranked since the age of 10. "I competed at my first nationals at the age of 10 and continue to compete on the youth circuit. Through my climbing I've been able to climb all around the world. I have climbed in from Joe's Valley all the way to French Riviera."

Favorite sends:

  • The Orb v8 (Rocktown)

  • Turning Point v8 (Flat Irons)

  • Angler v3 (Joe's Valley)

  • Snooker 5.13a (Red River)

  • Cell Block 6 5.12c (Red River)

  • Rage 5.12c (The Ones)


Tristan Mayfield

Tristan grew up enthralled with the idea of adventure as he read so many accounts of the greatest explorers of the world. Because of the support of family and mentors he was able enjoy backpacking from an early age and was introduced to the beautiful backcountry that has since enthralled him.He found success competing in distance running for eleven years but his sophomore year of college he gave up running and focused on climbing. He’s carried his enthusiasm for athletic achievement and training into climbing, and now pours over books, research, interviews, and anything else to learn more about training for climbing. While he works hard to push his sport, boulder, and trad grades, his heart lies mainly in the pursuit of adventure. You’ll mostly find him  climbing with his wonderful wife in the crags surrounding Salt Lake City as they both try and balance a search for adventure with being responsible adults. He currently projects 5.13 sport and 5.12 trad and while he may not climb double digit boulders (yet), you won’t find anyone better to thrutch up sandy cracks with or voyage up 1,200’ of wet granite than Tristan.

Check Out Tristan's Blog!

Reflections on the Sharp End

jake athlete photo.jpg

Jake Kunsman

Jake is a Nashville, TN transplant hailing from northeast PA. He’s been climbing since 2016 and has dedicated his life to the sport. He’s always pushing himself as a Sport Climber and is developing new Trad lines in his off time. “I started out just bouldering in the gym until I met some people, After my first trip outside it was over. I bought the gear, learned the ropes, and committed my life to climbing.” He now works as a traveling tower climber and is also a photographer. Jake says that his favorite part about climbing is the community and friends you make. “I love pushing my limits and breaking new grades, but none of it would mean anything if I didn’t have the awesome crew I have in climbing.” From Ice Climbing to Bouldering, and everything in between, look for his adventures on Instagram @jk_backflaggin



Favorite Climbing Destinations:

  • The Obed

  • The Big South Fork

  • The Red River Gorge

  • Indian Creek