Growing up one of the worst insults that you could hear as a young Black child was, “you're hella white.” Statements like this have motivated me to become an advocate for People of Color (POC) to try things that are not stereotypical.

Area Spotlight: Wild Iris Climbing

Imagine waking up on Saturday morning nestled in a forest, with the sound of quivering aspen leaves as the wind blows in from the Wind River Mountain Range. You get out of your tent/truck/van, throw on your puffy (in the middle of June), and inhale the fresh, pine air while your coffee brews.

Spoiler Alert! Gym Etiquette with Nick Edwards

Let's imagine you are waiting in line at the movie theater and you notice someone getting tickets to a movie you've seen. You might recommend the movie, but you probably wouldn't tell them your favorite parts or reveal the plot twist. So why do so many climbers do this at the gym, or even worse, at the crag?