Accu-Pressure Finger Massage Ring

Accu-Pressure Finger Massage Ring

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Roll up and down over your sore digits after climbing. Helps stimulate blood flow for healthy tendons. More importantly they feel amazing.

Accu-Pressure Finger Massage Ring:
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The Massage Ring is a convenient hand and finger massager. The ring is a Chinese Medicine Acupressure Ring "ACU-RING" which is designed for an intense yet safe stimulation of the fingers.  Just put the ring on any finger, and  roll the ring back and forth along the fingers. 

The tips of the triangles stimulate various meridian points on your fingers while you roll it up and down. The massage ring comes in one size and it comfortably fits all fingers.

Directions: Roll ring back and forth on any finger to stimulate nerve endings. Regular use enhances blood circulation, strengthens your immune system, & diminishes tension. 

I swear by these rings and use them everyday and it has greatly helped with an A2 partial pulley tear I had sustained last year. I find it especially useful in between climbs to keep the blood flowing in the fingers. 

This acupressure ring can be used anytime your hands are free. 

Possible times to use,
-Watching Netflix & chilling-

- Driving-

-Being driven by a driverless car-

 -While emerged in a Virtual Reality Headset

-While sitting around waiting for the boulders to dry-

The possibilities are endless!

Perfect addition to a small carabiner keychain!

Ring is approximately 1" diameter