Finger & Forearm Trainer (Set of 3)

Finger & Forearm Trainer (Set of 3)


Anyone who has suffered from tennis or golfer's elbow knows the importance of antagonist* muscle training to stay healthy during intense training cycles. In climbing we are constantly pulling so in turn we need to balance this out with working pushing muscles. 

The same goes for your grip!

This simple forearm trainer works the extensors of the wrist & also improves grip strength.  Whether it be injury prevention or injury recovery this tool is simple, fun, and effective. Keep your fingers healthy and crimp on!

Comes in three different resistances. 6.6lb, 8.8lb, & 11lb.


*Antagonist training just means alternating exercises that target opposing muscle groups, like chest and back, or biceps and triceps, etc. ... Antagonist training allows you to recover more quickly between sets due to the arrangement of the nervous system. 

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