Dyno Tail Chalk Bags by DynoUnique

Dyno Tail Chalk Bags by DynoUnique


Dyno Unique’s chalk bags are handmade in the United States. These handcrafted chalk bags are produced in an Oregon home by Emily Walenza. Each bag is constructed using high quality materials to make these fun and exciting dinosaur tail chalk bags. Remnants and recycled materials are used when possible.


  1. Hand-made in Oregon

  2. Elastic brush loops

  3. Rigid rim

  4. Soft minky liner

  5. Belt loops

  6. Elastic drawstring closure

  7. Optional zipper pockets

*Strap/carabiner not included

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From the Creator:

Dyno Unique was created in 2014 when I started bouldering. I needed a chalk bag and figured with my sewing skills I could make one. After experimenting with a standard chalk bag, I wanted to make something more fun. My young cousin’s love of dinosaurs encouraged me to make a novelty tail. My friends loved it and encouraged me to sell it at the local rock climbing gym. It sold within minutes and I decided to make more.

Emily Owner and Seamstress
I started sewing when I was about 7 years old. My sisters and I would make pillowcases for our stuffed animals, and I eventually began altering my own clothes. I didn’t get a sewing machine until I was 18, and I started making my own clothes. I was self taught until I was 21, and took a class to learn how to make clothes better. I had been sewing on and off for about 14 years when I started Dyno Unique.