Boulder Balm: Dry Skin Solution Salve (Joshua Tea Tree) 2oz Tin *Vegan

Boulder Balm: Dry Skin Solution Salve (Joshua Tea Tree) 2oz Tin *Vegan

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NEW FORMULA, ARTWORK, & DOUBLE the Boulder Balm in new 2oz tin! 

  • Formulated to fight the drying affects of chalk and abuse from rock with powerful 100% natural ingredients 

  • Helps heal Dry Skin / Ripped Skin / Flappers / Dry Cuticles / Split Tips / Cuts / Burns / Scrapes 

  • Carefully conditions your skin & does not overly moisturize keeping your hard earned calluses intact 

  • Super dry, leathery skin is great for specific sharp climbing, but most climbers & athletes benefit from a more malleable & elastic skin to help mold over holds (especially indoor climbing.) Boulder Balm can help! 

    Virgin Sunflower Oil* infused with Calendula Flower*, Comfrey Leaf*, Plantain Leaf*, Candelilla Wax, Kokum Butter, Virgin Argan Oil*, Shea Nut Butter, Jojoba Oil*, Mango Butter*, Virgin Hempseed Oil*, Vitamin E, Essential Oils of Tea Tree*, Lavender*, & Lemon *=Organic 

    • Inspired by Joshua Tree National Park. 

    • No weird added chemicals or fragrances, ever. 

    • Plant Based / Vegan Friendly Formula 

    • Handmade with love in a climber's kitchen in Nashville, TN.

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