About us:

We are a small climbing company based out of Nashville, Tn specializing in small batch skin care products for climbers. The idea for our company was sparked during a year long road trip in 2015 throughout the U.S. Not unlike every climber that has ever taken an extended trip, we dreamed of a way to sustain life on the road indefinitely and never have to go back to a "real job." We dabbled in creating custom chalk bags and climbing holds but made most of our gas money "picking" at thrift shops and flipping the treasures on Ebay. For better or worse our big blue sprinter van "Hans" had one too many costly repairs, this time a slipping transmission, and we had to limp from California to Nashville where a friend offered us a summer job driving drunk tourists around on giant yellow tricycles. We lived inside an autobody garage in our van for a few months and decided we wanted to call Nashville our new home, and we have been here ever since. Mark decided to finally use his culinary degree (kind of) and create hand balms and muscle rubs for climbers with the highest quality ingredients and effectiveness he could find. With over a decade of climbing experience and having used every hand salve on the market, he concocted a formula that would become "Boulder Balm." The important part was quick skin absorption and balancing the line of good skin conditioning and elasticity without sacrificing callouses.  


Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a platform for climbers to come together and create quality products that contribute to this incredible community. The team is constantly growing and we are currently working towards adding handmade apparel, custom training programs, and climbing holds in the near future!