Personalized training plans with Brad Richard

Personalized training plans with Brad Richard

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Let our experienced coach, Brad, designed a custom tailored training plan to help you meet your specific goals & one that can work around your busy schedule. 

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Whether you are a veteran 10+ year climber or a complete beginner just starting out you can benefit from personalized coaching. Sometimes just climbing will be enough to see constant gains in strength & technique. We all eventually reach a plateau where our bodies adapt to the same stimulus & progression slows. Coaching helps athletes set goals & conquer weaknesses. 

Each training plan is custom made from the ground up to help you meet your specific goals. Before climbing Brad was a professional soccer player who used his masochistic training techniques & drive to float through the bouldering grades in just a few short years. He has studied extensively with different training philosophies & you as a client get the final product of his years of trail & error creating training plans for himself. He now works as the Head Coach at Denver Bouldering Club, working with private clients and their nationally competitive youth team. 

Most correspondence will be done remotely unless you live in the Denver area. Emails, Skype, phone calls, & text are all forms of communication used. From the time of purchase expect a training plan within 1/2 weeks after consultation to access ability, strengths, & weaknesses. 

If you are currently frustrated with your current level & want to take your climbing and fitness to the next level look no further! Book a training cycle with Brad, put in the work, & crush!