Boulder Balm: Dry Skin Solution Salve (Magic Wood)

Boulder Balm: Dry Skin Solution Salve (Magic Wood)

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Magic Wood Boulder Balm gets its name from Magic Wood in Switzerland. We have not yet visited this bouldering mecca, but figured if we sold enough of these tins we could;) This scent contains essential oils of Cedarwood, Orange, & Lemon. Although this is a woodsy scent it also is pepped up with the citrus from the orange so isn’t even close to that dreaded “old man smell” that you sometimes get with wood oils. One user described it as what you would expect to smell when walking into a rustic log cabin.

Boulder Balm was originally formulated for rock climbers to combat the drying effects of chalk and abuse from the rock. It can be used by anyone looking for a solution to dry skin.

Simply scrape out a small amount of salve with the back of your thumbnail and apply as needed for healthy, elastic skin. A little goes a very long way. For most users it will absorb into skin within 5 to 10 minutes. Try using less if your skin still feels overly greasy (Remember, less is more;) Works great on both hands and feet.

Handmade in Nashville, TN.

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