Boulder Balm: 1oz Eco Push Tube (Mount Evans Mint Scent)

Boulder Balm: 1oz Eco Push Tube (Mount Evans Mint Scent)


Boulder Balm in a new crush proof 100% compostable push tube.

Perfect for applying to all parts of body.

Heavy duty Kraft Tube, will not get crushed in your gear bag!

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Boulder Balm is an all natural plant based salve packed with soothing organic herbs, butters, oils, and wax that will help repair and strengthen dry and damaged skin. 

  • This powerful everything salve is great for all parts of your body, not just hands! We take pride in sourcing the highest quality vegan ingredients (we use Candelilla Wax, not Beeswax in all our formulas) we can get our hands on and we are confident you will feel the difference.

  • Originally formulated to help rock climbers combat the abuse of rock and chalk on their beat up paws Boulder Balm is now used by everyone from athletes to construction workers to gardeners.

  • After a day's adventure simply scrape out a small amount of salve with thumbnail or added guitar pick (a little goes along way) and you will instantly restore elasticity and moisture to your hands. This will help prevent overly dry and skin prone to painful cracking and splitting.

  • Boulder Balm carefully conditions your skin & does not overly moisturize keeping your hard earned calluses intact 

  • Super dry, leathery skin is great for specific sharp climbing, but most climbers & athletes benefit from a more malleable & elastic skin to help mold over holds (especially indoor climbing.) 

    Virgin Sunflower Oil* infused with Calendula Flower*, Comfrey Leaf*, Plantain Leaf*, Candelilla Wax, Kokum Butter, Virgin Argan Oil*, Shea Nut Butter, Jojoba Oil*, Mango Butter*, Virgin Hempseed Oil*, Vitamin E, Essential Oils of Mint* and Lavender, *=Organic 

  • Inspired by Mount Evans in Colorado. 

  • No weird added chemicals or fragrances, ever. 

  • Plant Based / Vegan Friendly Formula 

  • Handmade with love in a climber's kitchen in Nashville, TN.