Boulder Balm: Dry Skin Solution Salve (Mount Lemmon)

Boulder Balm: Dry Skin Solution Salve (Mount Lemmon)

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Our Mount Lemmon scented Boulder Balm gets its name from Mount Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona. It contains essential oils of Lemon, Lime, & Orange. Fresh, zesty, & citrusy are terms that describe the scent. One user described it as “Key-lime pie.” Yum. Although food grade ingredients this salve would definitely not taste that good:)

Boulder Balm was originally formulated for rock climbers to combat the drying effects of chalk and abuse from the rock. It can be used by anyone looking for a solution to dry skin.

Simply scrape out a small amount of salve with the back of your thumbnail and apply as needed for healthy, elastic skin. A little goes a very long way. For most users it will absorb into skin within 5 to 10 minutes. Try using less if your skin still feels overly greasy (Remember, less is more;) Works great on both hands and feet.

Handmade in Nashville, TN.

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