Boulder Box: Skin & Muscle Therapy Kit

Boulder Box: Skin & Muscle Therapy Kit


All of our products in one handy box! A perfect gift for that special climber in your life. All skin care products are handmade in Nashville, TN.

Boulder Box Includes:

  • Boulder Balm Healing Kit (Choose one of our three scents)

  • 1oz V12 Muscle Rub

  • Wooden Trigger Point Massage Tool

  • Three Finger/Forearm Trainer Bands (6.6lb, 8.8lb, & 11lb)

  • Acupressure Massage Ring

  • Orbital Sticker

  • Mt. Shasta Pumice Stone for taming out of control callouses

  • Jade Massage Stone (Not Pictured, yet;))

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About the products:

Boulder Balm Healing Kit- Boulder Balm is a hard lotion salve formulated specifically for rock climbers to combat the drying effects of chalk and abuse from the rock. Full of soothing oils & fats for faster skin regeneration and elasticity. Use on cuts, scrapes, & dry skin. Each one of our Healing Kits include a skin file sander for taming out of control calluses or rough spots that can snag and become a split or flapper. Inside the tin you will find a handy acupressure massage ring for sore tendon therapy.

V12 Muscle Rub- Massage some of this wonderful stuff into your sore forearms after a long gym session and thank us later. Full of natural pain relief ingredients that help with inflammation and soreness. You will feel the cooling effects of the pure menthol crystals in 5-15 minutes. The deep burn sets in later and comes from the habanero infused olive oil. Use on biceps, triceps, back, neck, & any muscle that needs relief.

Trigger Point Massage Tool- Use one of the three "points" to dig deep into tight and sore spots. perfect therapy tool for those climbers suffering from tennis or golfers elbow from repetitive motions (pulling!) Hold for 7-10 seconds and drink lots of water after use. you will be psyched after a few therapy sessions with your improved R.O.M and strength gains!

Antagonist Forearm Muscle Training Bands- This simple forearm trainer works the extensors of the wrist & also improves grip strength. Whether it be injury prevention or injury recovery this tool is simple, fun, and effective. Keep your fingers healthy and crimp on! Three resistances. Light Blue-6.6lb Medium Blue-8.8lb Dark Blue-11lb  

Mt. Shasta Pumice Stone- This stone was formed from the volcanic eruption of Mt. Shasta in California. Great for taming  callouses and dry or dead skin. Will last months, possibly years, with regular use. Each stone is unique and hand picked from the site. Approx 1inch/1 1/2 inch.