Nail Clipper/Bottle Opener Keychain

Nail Clipper/Bottle Opener Keychain


OK ok just hear us out for a minute! What are the two items that are most commonly forgot on climbing trips? For us it has historically been nail clippers & bottle openers. It is never a pretty site watching a bunch of beat up climbers struggling with the after sesh brewskies. We aim to change that. With this handy keychain combo it’s just one less thing to forget to toss in your gear bag:)

  • Laser engraved with our Airwolf graphic.

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Although kinda gross we like to use nail clippers for skin maintenance while climbing to prevent flappers. If you have loose or flakey skin its usually best to snip it off. When you do get that dreaded flapper you will have this handy to trim the skin and bandage it up to start the healing process. Just don’t forget a tin of Boulder Balm to aid in recovery;)